Write for Us

Hello everyone, you wanna write for TheAnimeHigh? I am always looking forward to letting others share their views on this blog.

I am always open to guest posts. BUT, no one likes to post on low performing websites right? Why would you write on a blog where no one reads anything? Well, even though TheAnimeHigh is very new (2 months old at the time of writing this page, 12/02/2019), I do get a considerable amount of visitors. Right now, I get around 3000 visitors a day, roughly around 100,000 visitors a month. So I can assure you that your post will be read by thousands of people if it’s good.

If you want to write a guest post for TheAnimeHigh, email me a few of the ideas you have (at least 2) at [email protected] . I will respond to you as soon as I can, and if I don’t, then don’t let me live peacefully, slam me on my comment boxes everywhere until I notice what a blunder I made.

Following is a very short list of rules I would like you to follow:

  • The posts should not be Chapter reviews or chapter spoilers/predictions. That spot is reserved for only me (:P). Anime/Manga reviews, fan theories are welcome with open arms.
  • Try to include a few links (2-3) to other posts on my website. I said ‘try’, so even if you don’t, it’s alright.
  • Must include 1-2 links to high-quality websites (Wikipedia, fandom etc).
  • Don’t hold back on sharing your thoughts, even if it’s controversial.
  • Write in English that makes sense. For example, my English may not be good, but it makes sense.
  • Feel free to include a link to your personal blog/ social profile.

What’s in it for you?
You already know what’s in it for you that’s why you are here, but still I’ll list out a few:

  • Be able to share your views with thousands of others.
  • Get exposure and recognition.
  • Get a link to your personal blog.
  • etc etc etc.

What are you waiting for? Drop me an email at [email protected]

Oh yeah, a few things I should probably not forget to mention:

  • Please don’t submit copied posts. It’s very easy to detect that it’s copied. If I don’t notice, any copyright infringements will solely be the responsibility of the writer.
  • By submitting your post to me you agree to TheAnimeHigh being the sole owner of the content that you submit (of course you’ll always remain the sole author).

Well, that takes care of all formalities.